The (Bar Exam) Grind…

Well I have been away for a while for good reasons.  First, I graduated from law school and second, I started studying for the bar.  Therefore, my time dedicated to this blog and all other things previously enjoyable or somewhat enjoyable in my life have had to seize to studying.  I’m not sure how it will all turn out.  Right now I’m almost three weeks in and the finish line will be here before I know it.  Have I learned a lot?  Absolutely.  The better question is, have I learned enough?  To be determined.

I’ve been living on the campus at Elon University.  It has been amazing.  It has removed all of the concerns that you pickup once you leave college.  It is like being in college all over again…at least the living part.  I’m studying about 100 times more!  Either way, big props to Elon for allowing us to do this – it has been a huge help.  There are about 25 other Elon Law students also living on main campus.  We are having a really good time.  A lot of us will throw the football a few days a week outside of our dorm.  Others go to breakfast together every morning while others will go see movies on the weekend to take a few hour break.  Regardless, I think it has really made everyone grow closer together and it has given everyone a deeper appreciation for Elon.

I mentioned the dorms – they are amazing.  Seriously, it is like staying in the penthouse suite of a really really nice hotel.  Melissa and I joke because we have more squre footage now than we did in our apartment.  Cost now = $0.00.  We have four bedroom and two bathrooms and a living room.  We are living the life, again, except for the studying part.  We have also been given a meal plan by the University.  A school that is willing to give you a free place to live and free meals is pretty awesome.  I think I might start calling this place: “my rents 2.0”.

Just wanted to stop by very briefly – back to studying.  Everyone keep us in your prayers and thoughts as we study for this monster of an exam.  One out of every four people fail.  I just want 100% passage on the two people in this penthouse suite at Elon University!

The Duncan Family after the Elon Law graduation.

The Duncan Family after the Elon Law graduation.

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