Alzheimer’s disease special on HBO…

My grandmother, my mom’s mother, died of Alzheimer’s disease several years ago.  Alzheimers is one of the worst diseases in the world.  It takes the mind of a person and changes who they are.  One of the worst things about Alzheimers is its impact on the families of those who are stricken with the disease.  Whether it is a son or daughter watching their parents or a spouse watching another spouse, family and friends are forced to watch a loved one lose their memory.  Often times even forgetting those closest to them.  This dementia has just as much of an impact on the family of an Alzheimers patient.  Old favorable and happy memories of their loved one become overtaken by the newer and more disheartening memories.

Understandably, Alzheimer’s disease has an impact on 54% of all people in America and is now the second most feared disease in America – only behind cancer.  To see the impact that Alzheimers has on both the individual and their family check out the current series on HBO called The Alzheimer’s Project.  It is fantastic.

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