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Movie Clap BoardWhen thinking about putting together your online video it is important to think first and foremost about what topics you will be doing your videos on. As any marketer worth their salt will tell you, content is king. If you do videos on topics people don’t care about it doesn’t matter how well made they are…people still don’t care.

A good video needs to have strong video quality, great sound, good lighting and be done in a digestible format. The most successful online videos are usually around three minutes or less. Don’t give a history of the legal field you are doing the video on, instead, just answer the question or get to the bottom line.

With that said and knowing content is king, what are some different topics you can do videos on? Over the next few weeks we will discuss the different types of videos that work well for lawyers and law firms. Let’s go ahead and get started with the first, and in my opinion, the best video content creation idea.

Questions Clients Ask

Answer Questions Clients Ask With VideoThe absolute best place to go to get ideas for video topics is your clients. It doesn’t matter whether your clients are big businesses or an individual going through a divorce, they have questions that they want answered.

One way our firm thought of ideas for blog posts was from the questions our clients were asking. Each time I would meet with a client and they asked me a question I would jot that question down. I would then compile that list and write a blog post about each question. After writing the blog post I would then be familiar with what the correct answer to the question was and I would be knowledgeable enough to do a video on it.

We also find that these videos are the most popular on our website and on YouTube. The goal is to become the educational source for your client or potential client. The more you educate them the more they will view you as the expert in the field. When that happens, they are more likely to hire you and are willing to pay a premium to have the best legal advice available.

Another benefit of answering clients’ questions using video and posting them online is it means your clients will come into your office better educated. A more educated client means they will ask questions that are more pertinent to their situation and will, most likely, have fewer overall questions. This means that your efficiency for initial consultations or interviews will be greater.

This is just the beginning, over the next several weeks we will discuss other popular and easy ways to use videos as a business development tool!

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