Duncan Law, PLLC is coming together…

I never really allowed myself to think of everything we had to do post bar exam.  I was afraid that I would either get my hopes up too much or start freaking out with the amount we had to accomplish even after the bar exam.  However, over the last couple weeks Melissa and I have been going non-stop trying to get everything put together for Duncan Law, PLLCDuncan-Law-Logo

We are currently in the “about” stage on a ton of things.  We are about to sign a lease for office space, about to purchase new office furniture, about done with the revamp of the website, about to set up our marketing campaign, etc. etc.  However, as much hard work as it is, its also very rejuvenating.  This is MY business.  All the hard work we are putting in is an investment in ourselves.  As difficult is it is at times, I’m loving it.

We have a target date of October 1 to open the office.  I think we can make it but its going to be close.  This past week we stayed in Charlotte to learn the ropes a little more from my parents about how to handle bankruptcy cases.  We sat in on some appointments and were able to get a better idea of how we want to handle our appointments.  Again, we are excited to continue the hard work and see this whole thing come to fruition.

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