History of Law Firm & How To Videos for Lawyer Marketing

We’ve already talked about a couple of good ways lawyers could use videos to benefit their online presence as well as their clients. We’re going to continue that trend by discussing a couple other ways online videos can help you and your law firm.

History of Firm

Similar to your personal bio video, having a video about the history of the firm shows a potential client why your firm is the right pick for them. Maybe your firm has a great tradition and has been around for 100 years. Or maybe your firm is a virtual law office that allows your clients to meet with you in the comfort of their own home. Regardless, a video highlighting the strengths and history of your firm will allow your firm to demonstrate its competitive advantage.

How To

Image of Video Camera on White“How to” videos are some of the most popular videos online. You obviously have to be careful to not give legal advice in your “how to” video but if you can do a “how to” video on a popular question then you can really increase the traffic to your website.

For example, we are bankruptcy lawyers and have people call our office on a regular basis asking if we can help them write a cease and desist letter. It doesn’t make it economically feasible for us to write those types of letters for people. However, we could easily give some folks some pointers on what to do to stop creditor harassment. Eventually, those looking to write those types of letters may become clients of ours later down the road. With that in mind, we wrote a blog post about how to write a cease and desist letter and my wife recorded a video explaining it in more detail. Since doing that, we have had just over 33 visits per day on that post alone. After our home page, it’s been the most popular page on our entire site.

The point is, find something that could benefit your current or potential clients and record a video on how to complete the task. People love free information and it places you in the position to be an expert in the field.

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