New career, new blog design…

Well I’ve been hard at work over the last few months.  Things have been going really well.  The Greensboro / Triad branch of Duncan Law, PLLC is up and running.  The Charlotte office has been a huge help every day the past few months.  I don’t know how we could do a lot of it without them.

As I say with every blog post, I’m trying to get better in updating this thing on a regular basis.  However, it unnecessarily gets pushed to the side sometimes.  Maybe updating this two or three times a week can be my New Year’s Resolution…maybe?

As you can probably tell, I’ve updated the look of the blog.  Let me know if you have any thoughts, criticisms or ideas on how to make it better.  I’m keeping this short so I don’t run out of motivation to do it again very soon.

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