Studying for Exams…

I say studying for examS but in reality I only have to study for one exam until the end of law school.  However, I won’t be done with exams until I take the North Carolina bar exam on July 28th and 29th.  I can only hope I pass the exam and will finally be done and be able to call my self an attorney.  I know everyone says we don’t need any more attorneys in the world and they are probably correct.  However, I wish everyone could go through this process just once.  I think it gives you a new appreciation for “the 9-5 grind”.  The grind continues in law school and in studying for the bar exam but it just becomes “the 8-7 grind, then dinner, then the 7:30-10 grind”.

In studying for my final law school exam (Bar Prep class) I have tried to mirror Barbri’s schedule.  I’ve been able to use my Barbri books to study and I truly feel like I have already started studying for the bar.  With the bar only 85 days away I know that is a good thing.  However, I’m going to really enjoy the week time period between this last exam and the time that we graduate.  For that time I’ll go without the grind.  I’m not going to look at law school stuff.  I’m going to spend time with my family, pack and clean the apartment up and get a little “R and R” before hitting the “grind” once again.  I was told at the beginning of law school that this whole process (law school) was a marathon, not a sprint.  Well – we just came around the last corner and its time to sprint to the finish line…I just hope I have the legs to make it all the way!  I don’t want to finish like this guy!

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