I’m Back…With a New Twist to the Site

Um…whoa! Yeah, it’s been a long time since I’ve even thought about blogging. I’ve been a little busy putting together our new business website for Duncan Law. Now its up and running smoothly I’m hoping to start being able to hammer out some more blog posts.

One of the new areas I would like to focus on is law practice management and how to open an office out of law school. There are a ton of great resources out there but I’m hoping I can bring a unique perspective. I’m only a year removed from graduating law school and have seen the trials and tribulations of opening a practice.

Over the past years I’ve talked with a lot of my peers and former classmates and have come to the realization that very few law schools actually prepare you to practice law. I’m lucky, I went to a law school that made sure I knew hot to think like a lawyer and jump the hurdles as they appear in front of me. However, even that hasn’t prepared me for the nuts and bolts of the practice of law. Therefore, I’m hoping to periodically release a post dedicated to helping those looking to open their own practice.

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